Power Jack Repair

Power Jack Repair

Power Jack Repair provides a power jack repair service for a flat rate fee of $100 that includes everything: labor, a brand new DC power jack, complimentary (FREE) shipping back to you via UPS, and a 30 day money back guarantee. All work is done within 24 hours after receiving your laptop. We guarantee the quality of our work with a 30 day money back guarantee. You can either mail your laptop in or if you are in the Chicago land area feel free to stop by and your DC power jack repair won’t take more than 2 hours. Laptop AC DC Power jack is also known as a notebook dc connector, socket, input, charging port, receptacle, pin, inlet, a peice inside of the laptop where you plug in your ac power adapter into.

Mailing and Contact Information

The following location handles more dc power jack replacements than anyone else in the world. Please make a check  payable to Applicasoft for $100, on a separate peace of paper as well as on the mailing box write down your return address, phone number and email address. Mail your well packaged laptop with the AC adapter (we repair these at no extra charge) to the address below. Mailing address is:

710 Mill Circle #107
Wheeling IL 60090 

We basically need 1) laptop 2) Ac adapter 3) payment 4) return address.
Chicago land clients please note we are conveniently located 25 minutes away from downtown of Chicago. Your laptop should be fixed within 2 hours after you would bring it in. Feel free to stop by Monday-Friday 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. No need to call for an appointment, simply stop by.

With any questions regarding power jack repair feel free to call at any reasonable (Central  time) 7 days a week (847) 529 9441 or email: question@power-jack-repair.com Please read the frequently asked questions below before calling or emailing.

Our Guarantees and Facts

  • We handle more DC power jack replacements than anybody else in the world.
  • Rather than fixing your old DC power  jack, we replace your DC power jack with a new one.
  • We give you a 30 day money back guarantee if you break your power jack again we will refund the money.
  • There are no extra miscellaneous fees or charges ever except $100 flat rate fee.
  • $100 flat rate fee includes brand new parts (DC power jack), all labor and shipping back to you via UPS ground.
  • If we won’t fix your DC power jack, nobody else will.
  • We have a “no fix – no charge policy”. If your laptop still isn’t working after the DC jack has been replaced we won’t charge you any sort of diagnostic fee, bench fee, or any other miscellaneous fees for the job we did. We will just pack it up and send it back to you with your check, we will even pay for the shipping back.
  • If you bring your laptop over it will be fixed within 1-2 hours
  • If your power plug (tip portion of your cord) on the AC adapter / brick seems to be faulty we will replace the power plug at no extra charge.
  • We are the first company to work only on Power Jack Repairs in Chicago as well as in the U.S. That makes us the oldest, most experienced, the most stocked on power jacks, company in the U.S.
  • We are rated A+ by Better Business Bureau of Chicago , please visit their web site for verification
  • We are the largest supplier of DC Power Jacks in the U.S. Jacks for every make and model are in stock. If you want to do the job yourself you can order the parts on: http://laptopport.com
  • You can read 5 star reviews about us on Facebook, Google and Yelp.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any extra charges? There are no extra hidden fees or charges. If we don’t fix it you don’t pay anything.

    How do we submit a payment? We prefer if you would enclose a check made out to Applicasoft for $100. If the return address is different from the one on the check please enclose a note that would say so. Alternatively you can pay by credit card through paypal,  please print out a receipt and send it along with the laptop, or write down on the box that you already prepaid via google.  If you bring you laptop over then the only method of payment would be cash after you would test that your computer is working fine.

    Guarantee? We provide a 30 day money back guarantee on all DC jacks that we replace.

    Do you have all parts in stock? We have multiple quantities of more than 500 different types of DC jacks in stock at all times. Within the last year of operation there wasn’t a single case where we would not have a jack for any of the laptops that we have serviced. The rule is simple, if we don’t have a jack for your laptop, nobody else has it either.

    How much is the shipping usually? To send a laptop via UPS is usually about $6.50-$15. If you ship your laptop to us we will ship the laptop back to you for free via UPS Ground.

    How long does it take to replace a DC power jack on my system? Average DC jack replacement job lasts about 1-2 hours. All work is done the same day since we have all of the dc jacks in stock.

    What time are you open? You can bring you laptop over to Wheeling location 10-4 Mon-Fri.

    Do you repair or do you replace the power jack? We only replace power jacks, it is a more time consuming process than simply repairing a DC power jack but in a long run we don’t have to deal with any guarantee work.

    I live in Chicago land can I drop off my laptop? Yes you can drop off your laptop at the Wheeling address 6 days a week, for maps look into contact us page. Generally you would be able to pick up your system within 2 hours..

    Do you need a password to get into my system? No, we do not need any of your passwords

    Do you need my hard drive? We don’t need your hard drive. Feel free to remove the hard drive and keep it at home.

    Do I need to send an AC adapter? Yes, to test out your system we would prefer to have your AC DC power adapter, however if you are missing an AC DC adapter we still can work on it and test out your computer using our adapters. If your power plug adapter is broken, we will attempt to fix it at no extra charge.

    What is the best way to pack a laptop for shipment? Put an inch or two of a bubble wrap around it, put it in the box, put an AC DC adapter near by, write out a check made out to Applicasoft (or you would be able to pay for it later by credit card through google checkout or Paypal).  As soon as we get it we will work on it and send it back to you the same day, if we also need to replace a plug on your AC adapter then it will delay the shipping back by one day.

        I called a few places after my computer was malfunctioning and nobody answered their phone. This owner answered and let me bring it right over. He fixed it on the spot. Knowledgeable and very nice. I recommend and will use again.

      thumb Dana P.

        After taking my laptop in, what was originally thought to possibly be a disconnected wire or a broken jack turned out to be corrosion build-up on both the pin and the power port.  A bit of cleaning, a little filing, some soldering, and my laptop was consistently charging again.  I am very happy with the communication, the process, and the results.

      thumb R. M.

        So, my laptop's jack pin broke on Sunday morning. I went to various laptop repair shops in my area on Monday morning (thanks to the help of my best friend) and either they didn't have the replacement part and it would take over a week to order them OR they charged me a ridiculous price for replacement. SO, my friend suggested I ship it to these guys out in Chicago. I didn't even hesitate. I called Eugene up to clarify a few things before shipping out my laptop. He was very polite and quick with his answers. I paid (via paypal) right before I shipped out my laptop to them Monday afternoon.

      Now, let me state that they charge a flat fee of $100 to fix/replace your jack and to ship it back to you, it does not include the cost of shipping your laptop TO them. I needed my laptop within the week, so I forked over the cash for next day air. My laptop got delivered Tuesday afternoon. I called to confirm this, and Eugene told me he would have it fixed within a few hours. Later that evening I got a shipping notification from UPS saying that my laptop got shipped and that it would get delivered to me on Thursday. WOW.

      They were right. I got my laptop back in one piece, and the jack was repaired as promised. I'm even thinking they cleaned up my fan because it's not making that terrible 'whhhrring' noise it usually does upon start up (and if not, oh well!).

      Anyway, I totally recommend these guys if you're in need of a quick jack repair for a fair price.

      thumb Casey E.

        It's hard to find honest and capable people these days.  Eugene works out of his home office which may be different but it is efficient. He is very good at hardware and diced my laptop when I was in a jam.  

      A sincere thanks for helping me out and I am sure I will be back again.

      thumb Kabir K.

        I got my power jack repaired here about a year ago.  Then, I managed to drop my computer and it stopped charging.  So, I took it back to get repaired again, totally ready to pay for another repair.  Turns out, just the plug on the cord was damaged and I wasn't charged a penny!

      thumb Chris L.

        called to schedule same day appointment. service was prompt and i picked my laptop up 1 hour later as promised. was also told not to mail in my payment until i had verified the laptop was working like normal. great service. would highly recommend.

      thumb Rashaad B.

        Diagnosed my lcd problem quickly and made very quick repair. Affordable.
      Definitely recommend!

      thumb E N.